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Bay State Recitals provides affordable and professional video and DVD production services for your recitals and dancer's. We take care of everything from providing the order forms, accepting payments, online ordering, filming the performance, editing and producing the DVD’s and shipping each DVD to the purchaser.

We shoot our videos exclusively with Sony High Definition cameras in full 1080 resolution and offer full HD Bluray. We also use fluid head tripods for smooth action and wireless audio when required. Editing is done with the latest in non-linear software which provides an enjoyable and professional viewing experience.

Our shooting style is to shoot the entire recital “full stage” and we typically do not zoom and pan close ups. Shooting full stage allows the viewer to watch the dance as it was choreographed and also avoids any particular dancers being “short changed” of screen time.

To check our availability for your recital, simply drop us an email via our Contact page!


DVD trailer of the Nutcracker for the South Shore Ballet Theatre.

December 12 & 13, 2015 2018